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Part one of WASSERSTOFF series


Track is WAV CD Quality

Music by Christian Ogrinz

Lyrics and vocals by DYER MC

Cover shows ANGSTHASE by Berlin streetartist MAKE 8

Get STREETART by MAKE 8 here:

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DYER is one of London’s first female MCs and quite possibly the lady responsible for setting the blueprint of female MCs to come there after.
Beginning the mission on London’s pirate stations responsible for the bloom of artists in Grime, Garage and Jungle / DnB, she made her mark and went on to represent London worldwide.

Today we see DYER contributing to databases of female underground artists whilst building her own catalog of produced music. Located to the West Coast of California, she builds and adds more texture to her craft. Representing in Hollywood's EDM scene and recording frequently keeps her busy.

DYER is currently exploring Trap Style, Moombahton, Berlin Dubstep and keeping her colorful soul content.


HipStep (what what) we rep keep steppin it
If your self aware please raise your hands

HipStep (what what) we rep keep steppin it
This is the future time to contribute yo

They say you only get one time to live this life,
not I, I will return at least several times.
each visit I will see things through several eyes,
and each visit I will see through the several lies.
break free from the format installed society rules,
they cant stop me from showing my balls.
this is the school of hard knocks even a baller can fall,
even when you think your on top you could lose it all.
Scream and shout living hell turns you out!
you cant see beyond what the media puts out,
and it seems all lovely when your in the money -
you have spare cash so you spend it on your honey.
and if you need a helping hand,
who's got your back man?
Helping hand's decide to bite the hand that feed them,
you hand that clothed and seeded them,
open up the eyes lighted and guided them.
surrounded by the walking dead,
Lost souls with an empty head broke hearts with empty beds,
makes no sense because they all see red,
and they never see
never ever till they wanna be free.
and so we roll
straight real till my heart grows cold.
been to long many lies been told.
now's the time free your mind -
or your spirit will die
see it through the eye or get marked like boom bye bye!
see you later alligator
see you later alligator
the light sides greater.
I'm walking like a warrior,
don't put me down as a worrier.
I'm a go getter and I'm getting what I needed
spits rhymes to please them
If your feeling this throw your hands up geese' then
this is what it is two fingers going up to the biz,
straight vibes and I don't need a hit to get live and

HipStep (what what) we rep keep steppin it
If your self aware please raise your hands

HipStep (what what) we rep keep steppin it
This is the future time to contribute yo

Listen to the voice with it speaks quietly,
born alone and so my shadow walks beside me.
find me, anywhere the vibes real lively,
positivity each and every do you feel me?
straight cold, you know this vibes on a roll,
Dyer on a go hitting you up wit the know.
Dyer getting ready and I'm hitting all angles,
step up in the place and I'm looking span-dangle.
can you handle?
ghetto queen ghetto fabulous
merked fellas on the reala'
and that scandalist
beats bass yo I'm armed like bush!
armed and dangerous
haters just don't push me.
if you get it twisted we can raise this shit up to another level can you roll ragga step?
ready when your ready for you frame to get checked
buss one two who are you?
do you self rep?
are you true to yourself does your life make sense?
living in color you know this vibes got zest,
do you live to make choices or changes?
are you stepping in those shoes all places?
check the word you know you herd it hear first,
Dyer and khem just hitting you up with the verse
this is how we do straight till your mind gets (explosion sample)

Do you feel me?
Are you true to yourself?
Check the word you know you herd it here first!
yeah yeah how we do it?


released October 26, 2012



all rights reserved


WASSERSTOFF Berlin, Germany

WASSERSTOFF grew up with Neue Deutsche Welle, HipHop and Cyberpunk in the American sector of West Germany. He moved to Berlin for the Dub and Bass music and sought to merge fine and street art in his sound.

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